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Command Bundles

Command bundles are the smallest unit of executable code in pyRevit. In most cases, they show up as a button on the Revit UI, and can be executed in a variety of ways.

All Command Bundles

The requirements and conventions below are shared among all command bundles

Button Highlighting Directives (Revit ≥ 2018)

You can use provide highlighting directives inside the command bundle metadata. Revit will highlight the button and the tooltip in the interface.

# highlight as new
highlight: new


# highlight as updated
highlight: updated


Push-Button Bundle

Push Button bundles include a script that is executed fresh, every time the user clicks on the button. They are the most used bundle in pyRevit.

extension: .pushbutton

    - *script.*           # note the wildcard. BuildWall_script.py or Analyse-script.cs are both acceptable names
    - bundle.yaml         # includes bundle metadata e.g. tooltip message
                          # OPTIONAL for python scripts only.
                          # python scripts can use the __var__ convention to set bundle metadata

    - *config.*           # optional config scripts. Revit UI will show a ● in front of the button name e.g. "Match ●"
                          # Shift-Clicking the button, launches this config.* script instead
    - icon.png            # for Revit UI icons
    - tooltip.png         # for Revit UI button tooltip image
    - tooltip.mp4         # for Revit UI button tooltip video
    - *help.*             # for Revit UI button help, opening with F1 key
    - lib/                # can include a lib/ directory that hosts modules required by the bundle code
    - bin/                # can include a bin/ directory that hosts binaries required by the bundle code

IronPython Scripts

Push-Button bundles can contain a IronPython *.py file as their main script. pyRevit will run the script with the active IronPython engine.

See Anatomy of IronPython Scripts for more detail on IronPython scripts.

See Configure pyRevit for more information about setting the active IronPython engine version.