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What is the Telemetry System

The telemetry system allows you to quickly setup a server and listen to reports being sent from all pyRevit instances being used on all your machines and by your users. It's a feature that benefits you if you are managing and using pyRevit for your team or company.

There are two types of reports being sent by pyRevit

Get Started

To get up and running with the Telemetry Server

  1. Pick a machine or cloud service as your database server. This database stores all the telemetry data.
  2. Pick a machine as your telemetry server, and run the telemetry server binary on this machine, pointing it to the database.
  3. Configure installed pyRevit instances to send data to this server
  4. Consider modifying your own pyRevit tools to send more relevant data to the server, so you can maximise the benefits

Starting Telemetry Server

pyRevit ships with a telemetry server. The server is a single executive, is written in Go, and the compiled binary (bin/pyrevit-telemetryserver.exe) has no dependencies. To use the server you need to setup a database first. The server writes all the Revit events and pyRevit script telemetry data to this database. You can use different databases for events and script telemetry, by launching more than once instance of this server on different ports. See below for instructions on configuring the your databases. See Telemetry Server REST API to learn more about the telemetry API

Preparing the Server

Copy the bin/pyrevit-telemetryserver.exe to your host machine. The host machine is the machine that runs the pyRevit telemetry server. This machine needs to be visible to other machines running pyRevit instances. The shipped version is compiled for x64 Windows. However, you can download Go and compile the telemetry server, from source code, for other operating systems. The source code is under dev/pyRevitTelemetryServer in pyRevit code base.

Follow the guide below to build the server for other operating systems

Building Telemetry Server